The Birmingham South Local Community Safety website provides an on-line, easily accessible forum and sign-posting service for residents and agencies living and working in south Birmingham.

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Birmingham South Local Community Safety Partnership (B’ham South LCSP)

Birmingham South Local Community Safety Partnership exists to meet two needs for the city, its stakeholders and citizens.  These are:

  1. To provide a vehicle through which local stakeholders can work together as partners to improve the community safety of citizens in south Birmingham.
  2. To deliver activity on behalf of Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, as a local community safety partnership for Birmingham’s community safety stakeholders

What are its purpose and outcomes – for citizens and partners?

The common purpose which brings partners together is to try and achieve the following outcomes for residents and communities in Birmingham South:

  1. Every adult, child and young person feels safe in their home, community and place of work, as well as when travelling between them.
  2. No adult, child or young person is at greater risk than any other of being a victim of crime, anti-social behaviour, fire or a road traffic accident.
  3. No adult, child or young person is at greater risk than any other of becoming a perpetrator of crime or anti-social behaviour.
  4. More local residents (including children and young people) are engaged and involved in their communities or on community safety issues that matter to them as active citizens
  5. Communities and local citizens feel better equipped and supported to solve their own community safety related concerns, issues and problems in their neighbourhoods

The partnership supports the aims, aspirations, activity and investment of each of its members.  From this there are three simple outcomes for the partnership to achieve for its members.  These are for members to be better enabled and supported to:

  1. Identify, understand and respond to emerging crime and community safety issues
  2. Work better together, through closer alignment, collaboration, shared processes and relationships
  3. Prevent crime and community safety issues and demand on agencies

Who are the LCSP’s stakeholders and partners?

The core group and extended membership of the LCSP is made up of a range of stakeholders with interests and responsibilities relating to community safety.  These include:

  • Birmingham City Council, including Landlord Services, Community Safety, Neighbourhoods & Communities, Youth Service, Public Health, Children’s Services and Adult Social Care
  • Community Organisations, such as Selly Oak Area Caretaker Society
  • Education, including local schools, colleges and universities
  • Elected members, including local Councillors
  • National Probation Service
  • NHS, including Clinical Commissioning Groups and Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust
  • Registered Housing Providers, including Bournville Village Trust and Birmingham Social Housing Partnership
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations, such as CGL (substance misuse treatment provider)
  • West Midlands Fire Service
  • West Midlands Police

The partnership’s membership is not exclusive and anybody or organisation who can contribute to its aims is welcome to contribute to it.

 What does the partnership do?

  1. Shares information and intelligence between partners – including the sharing and presentation of data, insight and information about local services and projects, as well as good practice
  2. Collaboration and innovation to solve shared problems – identifying and referring shared issues, problems, blockages and questions, as well as solving them through collective discussion and input
  3. Development and ownership of a community safety priorities, strategy and plan for Birmingham South – which both provides the framework for commissioning local activity and connects to strategies concerning employment and skills, education, health and wellbeing, as well as housing.
  4. Strategic coordination of activity and resources – including the identification of single-agency and partnership opportunities for collective input and investment, as well as addressing local blockages raised by partners
  5. Makes decisions about the allocation and commitment of partnership resources and funding – particularly funding devolved from Birmingham Community Safety Partnership for local delivery
  6. Commissions and decommissions partnership activity – including but not limited to research, service/process review and redesign, partnership projects, grant funding, training for practitioners and other initiatives
  7. Communication with stakeholders about the partnership’s activity, priorities and opportunities to support or get involved in some capacity

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership is a joint and statutory partnership for Birmingham involving Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service, National Probation Service, NHS and the Voluntary & Community Sectors.  These organisations work together to tackle crime and disorder that affects our communities in the city.  All of these agencies have a duty to come together and work to prevent crime and disorder.

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The Area

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