Get involved and have your say – current health conversations, events and questionnaires

Birmingham Public Pharmacy Questionnaire

Help support the current questionnaire by providing your views on the survey and promoting the questionnaire with your friends, neighbours, staff, service users, partner organisations, colleagues etc.

There are further details in relation to the Questionnaire featured on a article on our website:

Here’s a link to the survey:

*The closing date for all feedback is Friday 27th July

Big Social Conversation

The Big Social Conversation is all about finding out what you and your neighbours think about local health services and using your insight to make things better.  You can join/ find out more from the B’ham South & Central website.


Parkinson’s Information event – 11th July 2014

Free event with Parkinson’s specialists in our area who will be speaking and answering questions.  Additional information is available on the Birmingham South & Central website:

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