New Freedom Programme starting in south Birmingham next week – referrals now being taken

Referrals and interest for a new rolling “Freedom Programme” starting next week are now being taken.

The 11 week rolling programme is open to women over the age of 16 who want to learn more about the reality of domestic violence and abuse in relationships. Each session runs for 2 hours per week and looks at all the different characters and controlling behaviours of the abuser.

The main aims of the Freedom Programme are:

  • To help women understand the beliefs held by abusive men and in so doing, recognise which of these beliefs they have shared
    • To help women to gain self esteem and the confidence to improve the quality of their lives
    • To illustrate the effects of domestic violence on children
    • To help women recognise future abusers and move on to abuse free lives

The Freedom programme increases women’s understanding of the dynamics of abusive

relationships by working through the different tactic’s of the dominator. By sharing their experiences with other women, survivors’ feelings of shame, guilt and loneliness diminish.

All women prior to attendance will undergo a risk assessment which helps to determine whether they are at the right stage in their lives to participate in the course, and to do so safely. Both self-referrals and agency referrals (with consent) are accepted.

Freedom Programme Kings Norton

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