These links will take you to current news and information for your area or for particular themes and organisations.  At a click of a button you’ll be taken to lists of the latest Tweets and you don’t need to be on Twitter, using Twitter or have a Twitter account to view these.

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Birmingham City Council Services & Teams – Tweets from across Housing, Refuse, Parks, Sports & Leisure, Regulatory Health


Birmingham South Local Policing Unit – Tweets from neighbourhood policing teams, response teams, Command Team and Partnerships


West Midlands Fire Service – Tweets from local stations, commanders and safety teams


News and info from all things relating to health and well-being including the NHS, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Parks, Health projects, drug and alcohol services


Children & Young People – Tweets from youth clubs and organisations, activity providers, youth councils and more

Schools & Colleges

Tweets from Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges in Birmingham South


Tweets from community safety organisations and groups including Neighbourhood Watch, Crimestoppers, Probation, Domestic Violence services, Loan Sharking


Tweets from all the Councillors currently active on Twitter in Birmingham South

Northfield District

Tweets about all things relating to the Northfield District

Selly Oak District

Tweets about all things relating to the Selly Oak District

Edgbaston District

Tweets about all things relating to the Edgbaston District



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